When most people think of barter, they think of giving away something they have in exchange for something they want. However, Barter Business Unlimited, launched in 2008, has altered and improved upon that model by setting itself up as a barter bank. Debbie Lombardi, Founder and President, explains that when a business opens an account, “People can barter with each other without worrying what the other person has.” As the broker in the middle, BBU connects the dots for the two parties, by allowing businesses to earn money so they can spend it on what they need. Lombardi explains, “Our model is based solely on the demands and the needs of an entrepreneur…We can bend and fulfill what people need, since we are an entrepreneurial driven company. Everyone here has that spirit.” It’s also one of the best kept secrets around, according to Lombardi, improving companies’ bottom lines by allowing businesses to acquire goods and services without using cash. Lombardi uses this example: Say a dentist wants to remodel his house. He opens an account with Barter Business Unlimited and once he decides how much money he needs to spend on remodeling, BBU sends him new patients. Instead of charging these patients for his service, he earns barter money in his account that will then cover the costs to remodel his home. Within the BBU network are two thousand businesses, including plumbers, electricians, builders, etc. Lombardi says this model allows her company to make dreams happen, and perhaps even more important, helps to keep people in business.

Lombardi explains, “Every business has expenses, and it is our job to send you new business to pay for those expenses.” In a challenging economy where businesses see less cash flow, BBU can set up reoccurring trades, which are stable and the company can depend on them. Bartering allows members opportunities such as vacations, which can also be acquired with barter dollars, since BBU has accounts with hotels all over the world. The reality is, “Even in the slow economy our members were still working, still sending their kids to summer camp. Imagine being able to send your child to camp without writing a check. You can.” Lombardi and her team work to make your life easier and better. To that end, the company has developed and trademarked BarterCare, which is a way for members to use barter dollars to cover health care costs for employees. It’s not insurance; rather members purchase healthcare credit, so that their employees can cover certain medical costs. This program is meaningful to Lombardi and her company. “We can see what we’ve done and it’s a great feeling.” Bartering has proven exceptional for the economy by keeping money moving. Focused primarily in the Northeast, with its home base in Bristol, Barter Business Unlimited is passionate about bringing business from other states here. The company is positioned to expand over the next two years, and Lombardi’s main goal is to “make our customers a lot of money” by helping them grow their businesses and be more profitable. “They can take advantage of the future because we have a bright future ahead. The whole state does.”

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